Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

DIB Nation is the number one ecommerce hub of the crypto currency world. Through DIB Nation you can find out where to buy and sell DIBCOIN, use DIBCOIN to purchase great products, support some awesome charities and be linked to all things related to DIBCOIN. As an affiliate, you have a chance to earn commissions, 9 levels deep, from every product purchased and every service used throughout the vast network that is DIB Nation.

The Omni Wallet ID is a 32 character string of numbers and letters that you use to log into your Wallet. It is literally the key to your wallet.  Keep this information in a safe and secure place.  It was generated by the system when you created your wallet and emailed to you. This is the only access to your wallet.  The Wallet ID and the corresponding password should remain private.

A Wallet address is where your DIBCOIN will be stored. You can have multiple addresses in your wallet. This address is your “public” address.  When you are buying, selling or transferring any digital asset like DIBCOIN this is the 32 character address you use.  This is the address that will be associated with your DIB Affiliate number so that you can receive payments.


After you have purchased the right to become a DIB Affiliate, simply login using the username and password you created at checkout.  Click on “Creatives” in your Affiliate Dashboard and you will find your link there.


Each DIB Affiliate will have a specific link to the website that will associate their traffic with their DIB Affiliate account.
*Please note that if someone comes into the DIB Affiliate website through anything other than your link they will not be credited to you.


Opening an Omni Wallet is extremely easy.  Please visit for simple directions.  

DIBCOIN is a crypto currency created by DIB Funding Inc.