Getting Started

Getting Started

Becoming a DIB Affiliate is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps and start building your community today!

Step 1Purchase a Package

Choose a package level that best suits your current situation and long term goals.

Step 2Is the Founders Club right for you?

Whether you’re interested in creating a supplemental monthly income, replacing your monthly income, or building strong residual earnings; the Founders Club has several benefits that will help you meet your business goals. These benefits include bigger Fast Start Bonuses and increased earnings from monthly auto ships in your community. Remember, you must purchase the GOLD Package to qualify and be a member of the Founders Club. (The Gold Package and any of the Founders Club Packages can be placed into cart and purchased together)

Step 3Create an Omni Wallet

Your Omni Wallet is where you store your DIBCOINS. You must open an Omni Wallet to receive DIBCOIN from DIB NATION. Once you have created the wallet locate your Omni Wallet address.  Your Wallet ID is a private number that along with your password allows you to access your digital assets. Your Wallet Address is the number you use to send or receive digital assets including DIBCOIN. (The Omni Wallet Address is a 32 character, with no dashes, string of alphanumeric characters.)

Check out the following videos

How to Open an Omni Wallet

What is a Wallet Address?

Step 4Find Your Affiliate Link

Upon purchasing a Package, you will receive a welcome email from DIB NATION. This email will contain a link to your back office as well as login information. Verify that the information in your back office is correct. Make sure that you add your Omni Wallet Address to the back office information.  Your Affiliate Link will be at the top right portion of your back office.

Step 5Build Your Community

Share your Affiliate Link with your friends and family. Make sure that your Affiliate Link is included in your social media posting and any email correspondence.